Lending You Forward

Niels as a self-employed homeowner, real estate investor for over 15 years, has gone through every step of the mortgage process numerous times himself. This has allowed him to understand from a personal level what it takes to qualify. It is his privilege to use that knowledge when it comes to helping others navigate the process in a stress-free manner, through clear communication. He can accommodate Dutch, Italian, and Spanish speaking clients.

Mortgages by Niels, licensed by the Spark Financial Group, provides a variety of lending options. We support Residential clients that have good credit and qualify with an A lender, or if you’re looking to secure that hard to get financing, to help you pay off your debts; we can assist with all mortgage advice you may need. Our clients often discover that loan-to-value ratios can be vastly different when working with a private brokerage, and often there are times mortgages from a private lender can help people in situations where the banks cannot.

Beyond Residential inquiries, we have a dedicated Commercial and Construction divisions at Spark Financial Group. We understand that creating a customized mortgage plan for your project is essential and provide the tools to have you thrive.

Our team has a combined experience of 25yrs in the industry and access to over 55+ lenders, including major institutions, credit unions, trust and other national and regional lenders.

Over the years, having connected and worked with some extraordinary human beings. If you are out to make a difference in your family, communities and in the world, then Niels wants to connect with you. You can contact him directly at +1(416) 828-2425 or drop me a line in the contact section. We look forward to connecting with you.